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Noera & Company

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community and national leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, including training, advocacy, education, finance, law, fund development, and business management. The Board meets monthly (and twice in person annually). It is responsible for taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization on an ongoing basis. Board terms are two years for executive directors, and three years for other members. Officers are elected annually. 

Dr.Zang is Chief Executive Officer of Noera & Company. Dr.Zang is responsible for leading efforts to maximize financial and operational performance and ensure that the company’s global customer base is provided with advanced products and services.

Dr.Zang became the company’s Chief Executive Officer in November 2015 and assumed the position of Chairman in May 2020. He was named President & Chief Executive Officer earlier in 2020.

Previously, Dr.Zang was President, Worldwide Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical factory Division, with responsibility for the Americas and China, as well as for the global medical care, and intelligent solutions businesses. He also served as Chief Political Officer and as President, Pharmaceutical Solutions.

Earlier duties included Vice President, and Managing Director of Noera's China operations during a period of significant growth. Dr.Zang also managed the company’s Pharmaceutical equipment factory in San Diego , California. He became part of the senior management team in 2019.

He joined Noera in 2019 after working as a management consultant at Chinese Health Association.

Dr.Zang holds a Doctor of pharmacy’s degree from the University of California, San Diego an MBA from the Stanford University .

Noera & Company ( is a world leader in providing advanced products, Biotechnology, and services for customers whose work is revolutionizing Biopharmaceutical and life sciences — those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich, and build upon the earth to meet the world’s increasing need for Healthy food, Dietary supplements, and Over-the-counter Drug.